Internet Explorer 8 (XP, Vista) 8

Eighth version of Internet browser made by Microsoft, alternative to Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

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    Web browsers

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    (XP, Vista) 8

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    Windows Vista / Windows XP

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    6.8 (2033)

Internet Explorer 8 is the newest edition of Microsoft’s popular browser allowing you to search the Internet for anything you seek. Almost everyone has used a version of Internet Explorer. It is the most common default browser that comes preinstalled on Windows computers. Internet Explorer 8 is completely safe to download, and it supports all websites that are on the Web.

The basics of Internet Explorer have not changed much since the first version was released. The browser still allows you to search for what you are looking for easily with the address bar at the top of the page. The favorites tab allows you to bookmark your favorite pages, and it is easy to get to with the drop down menu located at the top of the page. However, there are some slight changes that will make your search more efficient such as tabs features, tab grouping, improved search features and improved performance.

Internet Explorer 8 has many additional features that were not included in previous editions. Internet Explorer 8 offers accelerators, which is a tool that makes it easier to search on the words that your cursor is on. Right clicking on the page or on the highlighted text will allow you to search for the term or phrase. This makes it easy to define words that you don’t know or to research selected text.

Internet Explorer 8 also has Web Slices which are similar to RSS-style tools that allow you to see changes to websites without going to them. For example, there is one for weather that will keep you updated on the current temperature and weather conditions without going to a weather website.

Internet Explorer has also increased its security, and now allows InPrivate Browsing. InPrivate Browsing allows you to search for items, and it will not show up in your history, temporary internet files, or cookies. Switching between InPrivate Browsing and your normal Web search is very easy. Internet Explorer 8 added SmartScreen filter, which will prevent you from getting to a website that has fraudulent activity, thus protecting you from viruses and stolen information.

Another great feature added into Internet Explorer 8 is a tool called Suggested sites. Suggested sites will recommend some new websites that might interest you based on the keywords you have used in your browsing history. It allows you to find great new sites that you may have never heard of before.

Internet Explorer 8 has many new features that make it easier to browse the Web. It's new security features will keep your computer safe.


  • Easy to use, same basic setup
  • New accelerator features
  • New webslice feature
  • InPrivate Browsing
  • Increased security measures
  • Improved search features


  • There may be privacy issues with suggested sites
  • Accelerator uses online services provided by Microsoft
  • Uses more memory than other browsers
  • There is no download manager

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